Slide into PowerPoint – a novice’s guide

Are barristers the last professional presenters in the western world to adopt PowerPoint?

I made my PowerPoint début last week at a PPS Act seminar before an audience of 130 solicitors.

The feedback forms  are now in and it seems (on the statistically dubious basis of all 27 completed questionnaires) that it was a resounding success.

PowerPoint is scarcely rocket science but we’ve all seen it stuffed up too often.

So here are three suggestions that helped me:

• Get some Grade 3, 4, 5 or 6 kids to teach you the basics (really!);

• Get their grandmother to fill you in on the rest (chief of which is suggestion #3);

• Watch this video in which comedian Don McMillan does a 9 minute PowerPoint presentation on how not to do a PowerPoint presentation.

It’s funny. But it’s also excellent professional education for any lawyer ever likely to be handed the remote control to a PowerPoint projector.

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